Jan 18, 2013
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Our Road to Marriage

A Match Made in Highway Heaven

A Match Made in Highway Heaven

Teresa LaBarbera is the traffic reporter for WTNH News8 and host of "Connecticut Style." She is also getting married, and will be blogging her journey to the altar here on The Connecticut Bride.

Connecticut Magazine has always been a favorite of mine. Like most brides-to-be, I drove straight to Barnes and Noble the day after our engagement and loaded up on wedding publications. The Connecticut Bride was the first one I read. I am more than excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the magazine. As I go through the wedding planning process, I will share my finds with you all—the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny. I'll look forward to your comments, suggestions and your own finds.

Whether you are also a bride to be, a recently married bride going through planning withdrawals, a young woman waiting patiently for your prince to finally drop to his damn knee and propose, or my mother…I hope you'll find this blog to be relatable. This blog will chart the progress, all the ups, the downs, the confusion, the mothers, the dresses, the planning and any tips I learn along the way that might help other Connecticut Brides on their own road to marriage. Let's start with a love story.

Cavatelli and chicken parmesan never meant more than a home-cooked meal at my Mom's house, until one spring afternoon in Watertown. A simple thank-you lunch, arranged by a man I had gotten to know professionally, changed the course of my life forever. It's cliché, but in this case it was true. I just knew.

My fiancé is Brandon Dufour. He owns and operates All-Star Driver, Connecticut's best driving school. We met in March of 2011 when he was invited on "Connecticut Style" to discuss the dangers of distracted driving. Our paths crossed a couple more times and there were a few email exchanges and in December of that year, Brandon asked for a favor. Great Grandma Bertha watched "Connecticut Style" religiously and Brandon thought it would be great if we could show a clip of her very extensive Christmas village (you know the ones with the glass houses and fake snow and dancing Santa…). I get these requests often, and generally pass them onto our producer. But...I thought Brandon was cute, I liked the way he dressed and there was just something different about him. Why not?

The story aired, the thank-you lunch happened and the rest is history. Our families joke that Brandon and I are a match made in highway heaven.

Brandon asked me to marry him on November 21st, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Little did I know, the entire episode was recorded. Fair warning: there is yelling, a lot of yelling. He pulled a fast one on me. Anyone that knows me will tell you that pulling a fast one on me is impossible. You'll see in the video, he did it. I was shocked, elated and couldn’t be happier to know that I would be spending the rest of my life with my best friend.

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A Match Made in Highway Heaven

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Teresa LaBarbera is the traffic reporter for WTNH News8 and host of "Connecticut Style." She is also getting married, and will be blogging her journey to the altar here on The Connecticut Bride. You can follow her on Twitter @teresalabarbera and her wedding plans @OurRdToMarriage


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