Jan 24, 2013
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Our Road to Marriage

"So When Are You Getting Married?"

"So When Are You Getting Married?"

Teresa LaBarbera is the traffic reporter for WTNH News8 and host of "Connecticut Style." She is also getting married, and will be blogging her journey to the altar here on The Connecticut Bride. You can also follow her story via Twitter at @OurRdToMarriage.

For some girls, their wedding day starts as a childhood dream and becomes an adult fantasy. I wasn't a typical little girl. My dream was to be on television. My mother will often share stories of a young me, microphone in hand, video camera on, putting together fake newscasts for the family to pretend to love. I never dreamed of my wedding. To be honest, I never really thought about my wedding until I met my fiancée.

We had just finished our night at the Winvian, still floating on clouds I never knew existed. That first night is overwhelming. You want to be excited to be engaged, you want to plan your wedding. How many children should we have? No! Engaged. Just be excited about being engaged. I should get used to the new shine from my left ring finger before I can ask my new husband what kind of house we should buy, and where?                          

I talked myself into this. I'm engaged. Wow. I'm engaged. We pull up to my parent’s house.                         

“Sooooo, have you picked a date yet?” Geez Ma, the poor guy hasn't even been off his knee for 12 hours!

No, we haven't picked a date. It didn't take long to realize that the excitement of engagement was not exclusive to our mothers. Everyone wants to have a say in your wedding. Family, extended family, best friends, good friends, friends, kind of friends, co-workers, the lady in the elevator…everyone. So, when's the big day?

Which, would be fine. But it doesn't stop at an inquiry. "Well, don't forget, our kids play hockey every day between October and March, so we can't be there if you do it in the winter." "Aunt Gertrude’s heart isn't great, we should stay away from summer. It'll be tough for him to sit through a summer wedding." "Summer weddings are my favorite. But you'll have to book soon, everyone wants their wedding in the summer." "Why don't you do a destination wedding. Our family vacation is in February, it'd be great if we could tie it all in."

The point, fellow brides, is that you can't make everyone happy. You can certainly feign interest and pretend to listen, but this is your day. All eyes are going to be on us, the ones in white. As such, we get to do whatever we want. And everyone else can either make it happen, or not come.

For me, this summer was out of the question. It seems like we’ll be attending a wedding just about every weekend from May through September. I didn’t want to wait until next summer because I was far too excited. This left fall, or winter. While we were talking about dates in the week after our engagement, we were each getting texts for New Year's Eve plans. What were we doing? It got us to thinking, what better night to have a wedding? A night full of celebration, a night perfect for tuxedos and gowns and for champagne. Next year, there will be no question. Our friends and are family have an event to be at on New Years Eve.

And yes, the questions continue. “What if snows?" "It’s so cold." "We always go on vacation!" "Do you know how hard it will be to find a babysitter?"

All concerns we thought about, but really just for a minute. This is our night. It is a date that really excites us, a date neither of us will ever forget. The lesson is clear. You can't please everyone, so you have to make sure you do what you want.

New Year’s Eve. What better night to start the rest of our lives together? It is a night that oozes glamour, sophistication, love and new beginnings. A night that we will share with everyone we love. Well, as long as they can find a babysitter.

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"So When Are You Getting Married?"

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Teresa LaBarbera is the traffic reporter for WTNH News8 and host of "Connecticut Style." She is also getting married, and will be blogging her journey to the altar here on The Connecticut Bride. You can follow her on Twitter @teresalabarbera and her wedding plans @OurRdToMarriage


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